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This blog originated in 2020. With the advent of Covid-19, I found myself locked in my house with my three-year-old wired hair Dachshund, Twoee. She taught me a lot during that first month and stayed by my side while we jumped from one thing to another…experimenting as we went along.

The site is arranged into four categories, each indicated by a picture of Twoee on the left. After all she did inspire me.

Penne’s Pantry

Cooking came late in life to me. After spending my career in boardrooms across the United States I found that I truly loved being at home in the kitchen. Here you will find recipes, videos of food preparations, and tips on cooking in general.

Trips and Tips

I love to travel, so stories came naturally to me. Read about various encounters I had along the way through some exciting cities in Europe.

Twoee Tails

Here you will find stories about Twoee. Read about her run for presidency in 2016, her adventures with her pals, and how she got involved with Covid-19.

Writers’ Workshop

Keep up to date with the novel that I am writing…if I ever get it finished; and various other short stories.

What's In Twoee's Freezer? 1-18-2021

            Do you know the feeling you get when you think… “ahh this show has had a good run but it’s about to end?”  It’s that inkling that gnaws at you.  You don’t want it to be over, but that little voice keeps whispering…”no one is going to show up.”

As the new year rolled around, I told my friend, “I’m only going to make a little ice cream this week.”

“How come?” my friend asked. “Ya tired of making it?”

“No. It’s just that people make New Year’s resolutions. Everyone wants to get fit and eat healthy!”

“Don’t kid yourself.  Folks have been eating cookies and candy for the last two weeks. They’re going to want ice cream,” He said.

I churned single batches of each flavor. On Monday I wrote my blog, grabbed Twoee, and headed for the beach.  It was 6:30am. As I threw the ball for Twoee my phone started pinging.  By the time I got home and opened my emails I realized we not only sold out in less than thirty minutes, but there were folks wanting 4 containers of this and three containers of that. Others wanted one of each…I was back in business!!!  There were three new people who had never ordered before.

I put on my apron threw on my bandana and headed for the kitchen.  I was back in my element.

The best part of this job is the people!  YOU!  Bill, from Valley Center brought me a bag of avocados that he grew.  He, his son, and Russell (Russell and his wife Laura are true ice cream lovers) took down my Christmas lights!  Another new client turned out to be a neighbor in the “hood.”  We didn’t know each other’s names but we’d see each other while out walking our dogs.

So, THANK YOU for your donations, love of ice cream, and kindness. 


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so in appreciation for all your kindness we are introducing three new flavors. We are also encouraging you to place your orders early for Valentines day!




 This week we are featuring Coco Chanel's Decadent Chocolate! 

Coco Chanel’s Decadent Chocolate. This is not for the feint of heart. If you’re a true chocolate lover you are going to love Coco Chanel’s Decadent Chocolate.  A blend of 72% cacao Belgium dark chocolate, and sweet milk chocolate make this blend ooze with a deep chocolate flavor that you’re not soon to forget. Treat your someone special with a Valentines Chocolate extravaganza!


Molly B’s Mint – It may be a childhood favorite but the fresh mint right out of the garden make this mint chip leap above the others.  Flicks of sweet dark chocolate heighten the cool taste of leafy green mint.

Pepper’s Peppermint- It wouldn’t be Christmas without peppermint ice cream.  Pepper’s Peppermints velvety texture wraps itself around small chips of peppermint stick candy canes. Now you can enjoy this seasonal flavor year-round!


Verdell’s Vanilla (As Good as it Gets!) Tahitian Vanilla beans blended with Vanilla paste give this rich vanilla taste to an extra creamy ice cream.


Sparc’s Spectacular Stracciatella Gelato!  If you’ve ever been to Italy, it’s a good bet you’ve tasted Stracciatella Gelato!  An extra creamy tres leche gelato laced with spears of dark chocolate that melt on your tongue.  You’ll feel like your back in Rome!


Wallis’s Wacky Walnut-A perfect autumn dessert.  The taste of Maple swirls through this vanilla ice cream and roasted walnuts explode in your mouth.  One of Twoee’s best ice creams.


Cooper’s Caramel by the sea- If there was an ice cream to surpass Berthillon’s of Paris, this is the one.  It’s velvety caramel flavor bursts with the excitement of sea salt and teases your senses.   


Kensi’s Krazy Chocolate-A chocolate lovers’ dream.  Rich dark chocolate blends with the sweet flavor of milk chocolate into a smooth creamy chocolate truffle that melts in your mouth.


Barley’s butterscotch ripple- For those with a discriminating palate. A blend of true butterscotch made with fresh butter and bourbon. This ice cream is thick with a caramel ribbon swirled in every container.


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